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Activate your account’s borrowing history

by Roselle Maestro on 2022-09-16T17:35:00+08:00 in General Interest | 0 Comments

The Br. Fidelis Leddy Center for Learning Resources is pleased to inform the community that it will now be possible to see a list of previously borrowed items in the CLR account portal in WorldCat Discovery. The scope of the list will be upcoming returned items after enabling one’s borrowing history.


Please follow these instructions to enable your personal borrowing history:

  1. Sign in to WorldCat Discovery using your Infonet account

  2. From the “My Account” dropdown menu under your name at the top right of the page, click the “Profile” link

  3. Under the “Borrowing history” section, click the “Enable my borrowing history” slide button so that there will be a checkmark beside it.


Kindly take note of the following:

  • Your CLR account will show a list of currently borrowed items under the “Checkouts” tab. Only after returning them will you be able to see them under the “Borrowing History” tab, but only for items returned after enabling your borrowing history.

  • An item will be displayed in your personal borrowing history for 5 years. Disabling your borrowing history will remove the displayed entries permanently.

  • Only select CLR associates can view your borrowing history. Take care of your personal CLR account by always remembering to logout in WorldCat Discovery if you sign in using a public computer terminal.  



For inquiries, please contact us through the following channels: email us at ; follow our social media pages in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube ; or engage us in a live chat through our widget in our website at (Monday to Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM). 

Thank you and stay safe!

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