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Learning Commons


The Learning Commons serves as one of the learning places on campus where students can come together, meet, work on projects and study. The facility, by its name alone, implies learning outcomes and lots of productivity, where users are encouraged to create collaborative spaces for themselves. The Learning Commons aims to provide a venue conducive for knowledge sharing and discussions to address the diverse learning needs of the community. It is a learning space that seeks to support the dynamic learner-centered philosophy of the College by:

  1. Providing a venue where students, faculty and other members of the community can work together towards the creation and sharing of knowledge and ideas, to support the teaching missions of the College;
  2. Providing a convenient, accessible and aesthetically pleasing work space that is quiet with comfortable pieces of furniture to use; and by
  3. Helping the students make their learning easier and more successful, having in mind that students learn in dynamic ways; and
  4. Increasing the use of the library and its various resources.

  Location: CLR-DAC (8/F, DA Campus)

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