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Visiting Researchers

We are glad to welcome you to the Benilde Center for Learning Resources (CLR) as a visiting researcher. Please read these guidelines to ensure that your visit is productive and meaningful. 

1. Library Hours, Access Requirements, and Fees

  • Visiting researchers can make use of the facilities and resources only on Saturdays, from 8:00AM to 5:00PM only;
  • At the scheduled appointment, visiting researchers must present a referral letter from the library of the institution they belong to, or directly request it from their librarian.
  • The CLR is only capable of accepting a maximum of twenty (20) researchers every Saturday, regardless of the institutions that they are affiliated with;
  • Researchers from member institutions of the consortium are accommodated as well, but only on Saturdays;
    • Free access is granted to the initial two researchers affiliated with a member institution namely: South Manila Educational Consortium (SMEC), Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP).
    • In excess of two, the researchers are required to settle the visiting researchers’ fee by scanning the QR code (for printing) posted at the preferred CLR branch.
  • Visitors' access to CLR materials and resources is restricted to Room Use only;
  • Members of De La Salle-Philippines (DLSP) Libraries are allowed to access the CLR during weekdays, from 8:00AM-5:00PM.

2. Library Resources

All library materials should be handled with proper care.

  1. Photocopying of print resources is not permitted;
  2. The CLR Generic Infonet account can be used to gain access to subscribed electronic resources offered by CLR. (Please ask the assistance of the CLR associates for this); Electronic resources that have been downloaded can be printed, and payment must be made using Gcash by scanning the QR code (for printing) posted at the preferred CLR branch 
  3. The use of theses and manuscripts from undergraduate and graduate programs of DLS-CSB can only be accessed by the Benildean community only.


Visiting Researchers’ Classifications and Fees:

  • Secondary Level and Undergraduate/College Students – Php 50.00
  • Other Researchers – Php 100.00
  • Members of De La Salle-Philippines (DLSP) - Free